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Please Lord

somehow please please please.


i’ll reblog this everytime i see it, so the lord can know how much i care.

dear god, please…. please


pretty pretty please with carrots and kitties and nandos and forks and mirrors on top.

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Merry Christmas everyone! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 

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So.. I’ve met a lot of people since we’ve been here and a few of them have told me that somewhere down the line, one of our songs has helped get them through a tough time.

And I wanna say that when somebody tells me that, it feels better than anything else in the entire world.

When we started this band we had no idea that we were gonna get where we are now. And I have to say that being halfway across the fucking world playing for all of you beautiful people feels amazing.

But when people tell me that our songs actually affect their lives and help them get through things, it makes me wanna play this song. Because I think.. when I wrote this song, it was a song that helped me get through a tough time.

Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low Live in Manila, September 22, 2011 (via thelifeilive07)